How Do I Install a Replacement Window?

According to Ron Hazelton in his “House Calls” video, putting in a replacement window is fairly easy and straightforward to do.

Ron states that his current windows were energy efficient for their time twenty years ago. However, with the cost of energy so much higher and compared to current window glass technology, they are hardly energy efficient at all. He informs the viewer that with single-pane windows, your heat gets out of the single pane leaving your house colder and your heating bill higher.

Video Source

Ron then replaces his old window with a state-of-the-art double-hung window from “Pella.” a very energy-efficient window.

In the video, he takes the viewer from the first step of removing painted-over screws and explains why he uses a Grabit instead of a screwdriver. From that point, he tells and shows each part of the process of removing the old window, including which specific tools he uses and how to use them. Then he repeats that teaching method while putting the new Pella double-paned window in.

He finishes his video by explaining the double pain technology and exactly how it is more cost-efficient to consider a replacement window in your home.


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