Does Your Home Need Duct Cleaning Services?

There can be a lot of questions revolving around duct cleaning services, but this video is here to answer those, and explain the pros and cons of duct cleaning in your home. Ductwork is inaccessible for routine cleaning but needs to be done just as you would clean the rest of your house.

Duct cleaning is a way to get rid of odors, allergies and repository symptoms, or rodent smells that are hiding in your ductwork. These orders can come from any accumulation of dust and miscellaneous materials that settle into the ductwork.

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Allergies can also get worse as you turn on your heating or air for the first time in a while, as it is pushing irritants into the air.

For a maintenance man to work on the ducts in your home, they will remove all of the registers in your home before cleaning the return using a spinning coil. Additionally, they will clean out the blower of your furnace and your dryer vent, given these areas are accessible. After cleaning is finished, they will seal all the necessary areas to prevent contaminants from entering your ductwork again.

Homeowners worry about the duct cleaning machine spitting dust up and around the house, but the machine is made to efficiently suck those harmful elements into itself. If you want to learn more about the duct cleaning process, follow along with the video.


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