LED Light Strip or LED Wall Washer? What Do I Choose?

If you’re unhappy with your current lighting, you’ve probably already searched for several options. An LED light strip and an LED wall washer are pretty similar options, but you should know the differences. The YouTube video “LED Strip Light or LED Wall Washer Light – What Is the Difference and Which Should I Choose?” has all the information you must consider before buying either.

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Nowadays, LED light strips are extremely popular because they’re so easy to install, flexible, versatile, tiny, and discreet. They can even be cut easily to fit whatever length you need. You can place them in smaller areas where regular lights can’t fit, such as under kitchen cabinets or on a coving. The idea is to install them, so you don’t see where the light source is coming from. However, they’re not the right option for everyone.

Meanwhile, an LED wall washer light comes in a one-meter strip, and it consists of tiny lights placed on a plastic strip and covered with an optic lens. It’s bigger, and you should be able to see it. Additionally, it’s much brighter than a light strip.

You can watch the rest of the video for the details about choosing between an LED wall washer and an LED light strip.


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