What are Cupolas?

Have you ever heard of a cupola? Do you know exactly what it is? The video gives an excellent description of what cupolas are and how they work.

Cupolas hep get rid of the hot and humid air that accumulates in a big building. They are commonly seen on barns, big old buildings, and churches with wide open spaces inside where heat and humidity can pose a problem.

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Building a cupola is an effective way to naturally ventilate a space. The high winds around a cupola draw the hot air inside the building toward the openings. Moving air is less dense than still air. The former creates negative pressure that forces the latter up and out.

Building a cupola is like creating a chimney. But instead of releasing smoke and heat, the cupola allows hot inside air to be released through openings. Some of these openings consist of louvers that vent constantly. The downside to this type of opening is that it lets in damp and cold air during the winter. Window openings are much better. They can be closed during the winter months when you may want to keep warm air in the building. Now you know everything about cupolas.


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