The Homeowners Guide to Choosing Hurricane Window Protection

Having protective hurricane windows is important if you reside in an area prone to inclement weather. During hurricanes, the water level could rise and engulf your home. Strong winds can send flying debris into your home, damaging the interior and exterior structure.

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Here’s a closer look at how to install hurricane windows.

Choosing the Right Material

Many homeowners opt to cover their windows using plywood. Plywood is durable enough to withstand heavy flying debris approaching your windows. Plywood strength comes from different laminates throughout the material. There are vertical and horizontal laminates. Plywood is also very thick.


Nylon is another alternative for homeowners to consider. Nylon connects to windows through brackets and fasteners. Be aware that Nylon isn’t as durable as Plywood. While Nylon can prevent large objects from entering your home during hurricanes, they may still break your windows if they travel through the air with enough speed and force.

Impact Glass

Impact glass windows are considered a natural alternative. Windows are insulated with multiple layers of glass. Impact glass provides impact protection similar to if flying debris were to hit your vehicle. It may crack the exterior, but it won’t penetrate the interior part of your window.

There are multiple options available for protective hurricane windows. Assess the unique needs of your home before making a decision.

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