How Long Should Your AC Unit Last?

Ideally, an AC unit will last for a long time. Of course, some AC units will break down, perhaps due to manufacturing issues, damage from the environment, storms, and more. Some AC units will wear out more quickly due to poor maintenance, as well. Meanwhile, other AC units will run for years upon years without causing any serious issues. Wondering when you might need AC repair or if your unit is breaking down more quickly than is ideal? Let’s take a look.

Generally speaking, an AC unit should last around 15 to 20 years. Of course, some units will suffer serious breakdowns sooner and will need to be replaced.

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Other systems will function longer than twenty years as well. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous contractors will try to push home and property owners into upgrading the AC system well ahead of when it needs to be upgraded. Often, maintenance work or simple repairs will restore an AC unit to proper functioning.

If your AC unit isn’t providing as cool of air as before, or your cooling costs are rising, it may be because the unit needs some maintenance or repair work. In many cases, regular cleanings and other relatively simple fixes can help improve performance and efficiency.


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