Everything You Need to Know About Water Heaters

This video is all about water heaters. It talks about the various types you can find out there. The first kind is the tank-type water heater. This version is super popular in the US. It’s got this tank where it stores hot water, and it can heat up with either gas or electricity.

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Tank-type water heaters are cheap but aren’t the most efficient.

Nex, the video discusses the tankless water heater. This one has no tank, so it doesn’t store hot water. Instead, it heats water whenever you need it. Tankless units are more efficient than those with tanks, but they can also be pricier. The third type is the indirect water heater, which gets heated by a boiler. Indirect water heaters are efficient.

It’s a common choice for American homes to go with a gas-fired tanked water heater. These have a first-hour rating on the front, which tells you how much hot water they can pump out in the first hour. And they’ve also got this cool dip tube that makes sure the cold water at the bottom of the tank gets heated up evenly. Gas water heaters can be a decent option if you want a good balance between features and efficiency. Remember they need regular upkeep to avoid any issues or leaks requiring plumbing services.


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