Asphalt Contractors Tips and Tricks

A driveway replacement or repair can sound like a huge undertaking, especially to those unfamiliar with the full process. It seems like a ton of material that needs to be dug up, taken away, and moved back in. While it is true that there is a lot that goes into it, if you have the right tools, you’ll be well on your way to a new driveway.

Popular DIY car mechanic YouTuber ChrisFix details in the embedded video how to tear up an old driveway and repave it with new asphalt. Even with his DIY attitude, he ended up hiring asphalt contractors to complete the job alongside him, as the scope of the job was too big for him.

ChrisFix shows the skid steer digging up the old driveway one bit at a time and hauling away the old material.

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It’s dumped into a dump truck, and some stone is even removed by hand.

The crew then fixes the edges of the driveway before pouring a new base of gravel. They need a good base shape to fill in everything. They then compact the gravel with a compactor to make a level surface.

Once everything is flat, the hot asphalt can be laid on top and graded for water runoff purposes. The compactor then comes back along to force everything into place and ensure it maintains its shape.

Even a famous DIY YouTuber relied on asphalt contractors for this job, so you should call yours for a quote as well.

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