The 5 Steps Flood Damage Restoration Services Follow

If someone is working through flood damage restoration services, there are five steps they need to keep in mind. First, they need to make sure all the utilities are off and not connected to the house for safety concerns. Those working should have boots, gloves, and masks on at all times.

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There could be bacteria lingering around the area.

The second thing is to take pictures and videos of the damage and discover the flood line. Anything that is below the flood line should be tossed due to water damage. When you start the restoration process, you’ll start this about a foot above that line.

The third thing to do is clean out the house. This means taking out everything. Anything that has water damage should be tossed unless it’s something like wood or other strong materials that just need to be dried out. They need to lay out in the sun to get this exposure

The fourth thing is ventilating the area and just continuing the drying process. If the homeowner doesn’t want to leave windows open at night, then a dehumidifier is needed to dry the water out of the air. The final step is to make sure there is some type of mold treatment done. There isn’t going to be that much water damage and something not be left behind.

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