What Custom Cabinet Makers Can Do

In this video, Matt from Honea Woodworks explains the difference between average cabinetry and extraordinary cabinetry. You may be surprised by what custom cabinet makers can accomplish.

First, a custom cabinet maker will provide high-quality cabinets.

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Some cabinets are manufactured using melamine or particle board, which can be damaged by a water leak. Quality cabinets are made from veneer and a plywood core, which will last for many years.

Next, custom cabinet makers can design your cabinets to best suit your home and needs. Perhaps you have a particular space that you want to utilize with a cabinet, or you want your cabinets to function in a certain way. Your cabinets should work for you, and make your life easier. Custom cabinet makers can provide you with cabinets that function optimally in your home.

Of course, function is only part of the equation. Custom cabinet makers can also provide the appearance you are looking for. Perhaps you are dreaming of a sleek modern kitchen with no visible handles. Maybe you want to go with a farmhouse look, including reclaimed wood cabinets. No matter your taste, a custom cabinet maker can give you the look you want.

Custom cabinets also prevent filler space. When you order standard cabinets, there are a limited number of sizes to choose from. If there’s a difference between the area and the cabinet, fillers are used. This is unused space. Custom cabinets utilize every inch of space available, which maximizes your storage.

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