The Key Questions to Ask Your Local Roofers

Oh no – you have a leaking roof! The good news is, the solution is simple. Just contact your local roofers for help, right? Well, it may not be as easy as simply calling the first roofing company you see, hear about, or find, because like many businesses, sometimes you don’t always get what you pay for, which is why it is important to find the right roofers for your leaky roof or roofing needs. Which is also why it is good to know what to ask your potential roofing contractor, as the attached video explores, when you are vetting your options.

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When talking to a roofing contractor, there are two questions that are non-negotiable and require a yes answer. Those two questions are, do you have insurance and are you licensed? That means that if your best friend Bob knows a guy who has a brother who used to be a professional roofer and still does roofing and repairs on the side, the answer is no. Even if the guy is great. Also, don’t forget to ask about warranties and experience. Chances are good, if you get a licensed, insured and experienced roofer, then there is also a good chance you will be able to stop worrying about that leak. Stay dry and good luck with your roof.

Do you have insurance and are you licensed?

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