What to Know Before Making Second Floor Additions

Making second floor additions to your home is a huge home improvement decision. You may find a second-floor addition attractive for a variety of reasons. One may be that you have a narrow lot or you want to make renovations without sacrificing your yard space. Renovations that simply wouldn’t fit on the first floor of your new home would make more sense on a new floor.

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Before diving into your ambitious renovation, you should take care to make a few key considerations. Let’s go over some tips for second-floor additions.

Prior to making a second-floor renovation decision, height restrictions should be investigated. This will vary from neighborhood to neighborhood, but a good measure of these restrictions will be whether or not any of your neighbors feature similar additions. If unsure, you can call your city to get clarifications on house height restrictions. Furthermore, you should make sure that the gravity loads that are being put down onto the buildings are not a disruptor to the integrity of the home itself.

Additional important considerations and tips for making second-floor renovations are outlined in the video we have linked above, so make sure you watch for more info.


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